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Marvel at the Asbestos Man
Marvel at the Asbestos Man

As most people are aware, asbestos is a highly carcinogenic material that is resistant to incredibly high temperatures. Hence why it was used a lot for fireproofing and insulation materials.

In the 1960’s Marvel Comics realised that the qualities of asbestos made it an ideal force for one of its popular superheroes, Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch), to battle against. They created two evil villains Asbestos Man and Asbestos Lady.

Asbestos Man

In August 1963 readers were introduced to Dr Orson Kasloff (aka Asbestos Man), who was a gifted chemist who felt the world didn’t properly appreciate and respect his scientific abilities. So he decided to become evil and embark on a life of crime.

The Human Torch was a crime fighting human shaped ball of flame who was very difficult to defeat. However, he met his match in Asbestos Man, who was unaffected by the Human Torch’s heat and flames. Much like an asbestos containing pipe covering could successfully insulate hot, high pressure steam pipes aboard ships, Asbestos Man’s suit of super Asbestos was impervious to the usual fire-wielding moves of the Human Torch.

Eventually the Human Torch showed up in Asbestos Man’s laboratory ready to duel, he used his flames to consume all the oxygen in the laboratory. Asbestos Man surrendered once he ironically began choking and gasping for breath, he never made a comeback after this appearance.

Asbestos Lady

Very little is known about Victoria Murdock (aka Asbestos Lady), we do know she was another evil scientist and like Asbestos Man, she also wore a costume made from asbestos. This made her immune to the fire power of the Human Torch, she also carried a handgun laoded with asbestos bullets.

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